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O.F. Group is a customs brokerage firm handling both U.S. and Mexican operations in Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas; also covering a large part of our foreign trade through other major ports of entry. We have the experience, man-power, and resources needed to exceed our clients and business partners' expectations. Since 1928, O.F. Group's mission is to provide excellent customs, logistics, and cross-border service results.
1928: O.F. Group is founded by Leoncio Fernandez Garcia in Veracruz, Mexico
1938: Leoncio Fernandez Navarro becomes CEO
1944: O.F. Group opens its doors in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
1955: O.F. Group is founded in Laredo, Texas
1961: Oscar Fernandez Navarro becomes Mexican Customs broker and CEO
1987: Oscar Fernandez Padilla becomes Mexican Customs broker and CEO
1988: O.F. Group acquires its cross-border truck fleet in Laredo
1999: Oscar Fernandez of Texas relocates to new warehouse in Laredo, Texas
2012: Oscar Fernandez Bolanos becomes U.S. Customs broker
2014: O.F. Customs, U.S. Customs brokerage incorporates in Laredo, Texas
  Continuously exceed our clients, employees, and providers expectations by promising to deliver an excellent quality service.  
  Be a leader in control, quality and regulation standards, to maintain a sustainable growth.  
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